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Loco Classic Car Parts,
De Stad 12b,
5688 NX Oirschot
T +31 (0)499 820 992

Welcome at Loco Classic Car Parts

Loco Classic Car Parts is the (best) parts supplier for your British classic car. Spare parts and accessories for MG, Triumph, Austin Healey and Jaguar can be directly obtained from our own stock. A complete assortment is available for Morgan, Classic Mini, Lotus, TVR en Morris as well.

Loco Classic Car Parts is exceptional in expert advise, sharp prices and a very quick delivery. If you wish we can also provide repairs and maintenance of your classic car. This will be done in our own workshop in Oirschot by a skilled technician, specialised in British classic cars.

You can order all parts online and have them home delivered, or you can visit us in Oirschot and share your passion for your classic car with us while drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

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Opening times for Loco Classic Car Parts:

Monday to Friday:   09.00-17.00 h
Saturday:   09.00-13.00 h



Part of your passion.